JoAnna Shaw is an author, poet, mind-body coach, and a dear friend of mine. In this episode, JoAnna shares her story with what she terms as “living someone else’s dream,” leading to an unfulfilled life, but she shares how she finds her way to self-acceptance and fulfillment through connecting to and understanding God’s love. JoAnna and I discuss a shared core belief in this episode: that complete healing comes from a connection to love. It was wonderful to learn more about JoAnna’s life and several incredible lessons she has learned along the way.  

Jo Anna’s book is entitled “Design and Live the Life YOU Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose”. This self-empowering resource combines poetry, memoir, lessons learned and brain-balancing activities that guide the reader, much like a private Mind-Body Coaching
Balance, to mine solutions at crossroads moments and confidently move forward in their lives. You can purchase the book here.

In this episode, JoAnna mentions Al-Anon, a free program for those who are concerned about a loved one with a drinking problem. You can learn more about Al-Anon here:

JoAnna and I also discuss how we met at a local Toastmasters International group. Tostmasters is an excellent worldwide club for people to learn effective public speaking skills. You can search for a local club here:

Connect with JoAnna on her website: