On this episode, guest Sam Becker talks openly about his story with crippling anxiety, how he utilized alcohol to try and cope with the anxiety, and how his battle with anxiety seemed to worsen overtime until his breaking point, when he decided to truly bring things into the light and determine what he needed to do to heal from the anxiety he was experiencing. Sam shares various tools that have helped him manage his anxiety and live the life he’s desired to live. I loved hearing Sam’s perspective and really appreciated his openness and willingness to share his story with us on the show.


Sam Becker is a Confidence and Mindset Coach for entrepreneurs in need of positive guidance and perspective in their business and personal lives. After 10+ years of battling anxiety, self-doubt and negativity, he decided to begin his journey of personal development in the hopes it would equip him with the confidence and motivation for a more fulfilling life. Nearly 2 years after beginning his journey -and copious amounts of new experiences testing his own comfort levels- he has acquired the tools necessary to equip him with the positive mindset and confidence he needed to go from ‘settling for life-as-he-knew-it’ to living a purposeful, driven, optimistic life.  

Since adopting a new way of thinking, Sam sees the world as a place of bountiful opportunities that inevitably inspired him to start businesses of his own, connect with new like-minded people and form long-lasting relationships with confidence.

Today, he helps entrepreneurs all over the world find balance in their lives by strengthening their mindset to overcome their feelings of self-doubt, fear and hesitation so they can confidently live a life of abundance, happiness and freedom.  

“The only way to become comfortable is by being uncomfortable first.” -Sam Becker

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