Today’s episode is all about delving into what it means to be “highly sensitive,” a quality that an estimated 20% of the population possess. Guest Linda Binns describes her life as a highly sensitive person and certain challenges that highly sensitive people commonly share. She describes what she has learned through her journey of self-awareness and self-acceptance and how being a highly sensitive person can truly become a gift.  
This episode is an excellent one to listen to for anyone who relates to being a highly sensitive person, or for someone who has a relationship with a highly sensitive person and hopes to better understand them. 


Linda Binns is an accomplished energy coach whose mission is to help professional women love themselves and their lives by releasing emotional energy and pain that contribute to unhappiness and stress. Linda describes herself as an introverted, highly sensitive and empathic person; qualities that she has learned how to love and utilize to relate with and benefit her clients. Linda understands how difficult it can be to thrive in a world where you’re seen as being different.  However, she is a testament to the power of self-awareness and self-acceptance, in which she utilized to overcome many life challenges, including being divorced, homeless and in-debt. Linda now finds passion and success in helping others around the world learn how to thrive as well.

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The Highly Sensitive Person

The Highly Sensitive Person Assessment