Guest Sandy Woznicki is a stress and anxiety coach who works primarily with career-driven women and working moms that want to master their stress and anxiety. In this episode, Sandy shares her personal story of suffering from years of high anxiety and how her experience led her to the work she does today. Sandy talks about so many helpful tools to utilize when facing stress and anxiety in life, including the following: 

  • Focus on breathing: hit the pause button and take back control through breath.
  • Mindfulness: the key of change. Paying attention to the present moment without judgement
  • Self-awareness, emotional-awareness: “our emotions are the physical manifestations of our thoughts.” There is purpose behind our emotions and stating what we feel and why is powerful.
  • Radical acceptance: accept your emotions because they are your reality, and you’re not going to win a battle against reality.
  • The importance of learning how to redirect our thoughts: the only thing we have control over in this world is the reaction to our thoughts. Change our world by changing the way we think about it.

I’m so grateful for this conversation, and I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned from Sandy! 

You can connect with Sandy on her website:

And by joining her  Graceful Resilience Facebook group where you can receive free access to her Stress Detox Mini Cours