On this episode of Lighting the Shadows, I had the pleasure of interviewing Cameron Alldredge.  Cameron shares what he has learned from his studies about shame. He shares what shame might look and feel like for people and how to combat shame and replace it with healthy guilt. Cameron talks about the importance of emotional awareness and how people can gain emotional intelligence. He also shares some excellent parenting advice. I learned so much for Cameron through this conversation and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Cameron is finishing up his PhD in clinical psychology from Brigham Young University and will begin his one-year residency this summer in a university counseling center He has published a number of scientific articles that focus on group psychotherapy and compassion focused therapy. He loves teaching people about mental health which is why he runs a YouTube channel called “Self Help Therapy” that he posts therapy-related videos to regularly. He is married and a father to two daughters. In his free-time, he enjoys playing musical instruments and watching improv comedy.


Watch his incredible mental health YouTube channel here!:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP6xpaCQNb4zp3mZHz-lR_A